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Specialty Stretch Film

Choose from a variety of color, banding and extended core stretch films for your most unique packaging applications. Our specialty stretch film options can help with product concealment, identification and outdoor storage, and are ideal for light-sensitive products.

Premium Color Film

Available in a variety of colors, our color stretch film helps conceal products when necessary, and offers superior protection from the elements when shipping.

  • Hand and Machine Films available in 63-gauge
  • Superior cling and load-holding force
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance

Premium Plus
Banding Film

Portable stretch film solution. Designed for exceptional ease-of-use.

  • Excellent alternative to tape, strapping and string
  • A banding film that leaves no residue
  • 3" diameter core, one plastic handle per case

Premium Plus XC
Banding Film

An extended version of Premium Plus Banding. Offers more gauge options.

  • 1" diameter extended core serves as a handle
  • Excellent alternative to tape, strapping and string
  • Leaves no residue

Premium Plus XC
Hand Film

  • Excellent clarity and quiet operation
  • An extended core hand film
  • Available in 42,47 and 53-gauge
  • Protection for heavy, irregular or hard-to-wrap shipments

Vented Film

  • Offers breathable load containment
  • Strength and stabilization during shipping

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