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Stretch Film

TUFflex™ Stretch Film Products are defined by their durability, ease-of-use and ability to reduce stretch film costs.

Plus they come with the added benefit of working with Veritiv, so you can find the exact product you need, when you need it. Explore our quality tiers and stretch film offering below.

TUFflex Handwrap

Ease-of-use and quality define TUFflex Handwrap films. Learn more about our Handwrap solution below.


Handwrap Stretch Film
  • Easy to use handwrap stretch film
  • Economical and strong for every application
  • Enhanced cling for product safety


Handwrap Stretch Film
  • Biaxially-oriented film that provides strength in both directions
  • Folded edges eliminate film breaks caused by nicked edges
  • High load containment with minimal effort
  • Aggressive cling that minimizes film tails
  • Lightweight rolls that reduce user fatigue
  • Engineered wind tension to avoid film damage if dropped

Premium Plus

Handwrap Stretch Film
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Stronger film at thinner stretch wrap gauges
  • Consistent stretch wrap gauge control and performance

TUFflex Machine Film

Explore our full suite of machine stretch films that offer the best quality and selection for your most demanding applications.


Machine Stretch Film
  • Two-side cling
  • 225%+ pre-stretch
  • Engineered for the widest range of stretch wrapping applications


Machine Stretch Film
  • One-side cling
  • 250%+ pre-stretch
  • Dependability in demanding applications
  • Optimal balance of cost effectiveness and high performance
  • Proprietary resin blending and extrusion techniques
  • A film for semi-automatic applications

Premium Plus

Machine Stretch Film
  • One-side cling
  • 275%+ pre-stretch
  • Premium performance for demanding applications
  • Ideal for high-speed automatics with high volume
  • Quiet unwind for peaceful performance
  • Substantial cost savings on each load


Machine Stretch Film
  • One-side cling
  • 300% pre-stretch
  • Designed with a greater focus on source reduction
  • Maximizes overall load stability
  • The most efficient stretch film for uniform and semi-regular loads in high-volume applications
  • 30% less film required to reach ultimate performance

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