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Shrink Film

TUFflex™ Shrink Film is one of the most versatile shrink films on the market. You also receive the added benefit of working with packaging experts at Veritiv, who understand your business and get you the products you need. Whether you’re shipping unique items such as heavy plates or irregularly-shaped toys, or paper products or snack foods, there’s a TUFflex Shrink Film solution for you.

Premium Shrink Film

The ideal film for unusually-shaped objects and heavy products with sharp edges.

  • Available in 60 and 75-gauge centerfold formats
  • An oriented, cross-linked polyolefin-based film
  • Offers exceptional strength and versatility
  • Ideal for multi-packs and heavier products
  • Highly recyclable – meets requirements of SPI Recycle Code 4
  • Seals well on thermal, trim and electrostatic systems

Soft Shrink Film

The most forgiving film in a packaging operation, Soft Shrink Film is designed to protect your products, while keeping them ready for market.

  • Available in 60-gauge centerfold formats
  • Oriented, cross-linked polyolefin-based film
  • Designed for softer products with a gentler shrink force
  • Ideal for converted paper goods, textiles and other lightweight products
  • Complies with the Sustainability Packaging Coalition’s how2recycle program

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