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Bubble Wrap®

The TUFflex™ brand has a Bubble Wrap® product for every use. Find products suitable for low-cost void fill, blocking and bracing, interleaving and more. Explore our Bubble Wrap® options below and get the protection you need, with the added benefit of working with a trusted packaging expert in Veritiv.

TUFflex Performance Bubble Wrap®

Our Performance Bubble Wrap® is best suited for surface protection and void fill applications with very short or no distribution cycle.

  • An efficient void fill alternative, lowering material costs
  • Longer lasting protection than loose fill packaging
  • Offered in multiple bubble sizes, slits and perfs

TUFflex Premium Bubble Wrap®

Our Premium Bubble Wrap® is ideal for less fragile, light to medium weight products with short or predictable distribution cycles.

  • Perfect for light to medium weight, less fragile products
  • For products requiring surface protection, interleaving, cushioning and void fill
  • Offered in multiple bubble sizes, slits and perfs

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